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Smart textile for emergency detection made of 100% OEKO-TEX®, GOTS® and Bluesign®-certified cotton with test certificate of electrical test.

The smart textile shirt is made of eco-cotton, skin-friendly, durable, easy to clean, comfortable to wear due to the loose-fit cut and detects falls and electrical accidents.

The Smart-Shirt works in conjunction with the ANGEL Genius Starter Package (not included with the shirt).

For option with logo: minimum order 10 pieces, each shirt with logo plus 4 € (net)

For sizing instructions, please scroll down.

Safety note
: The ANGEL smart shirt does not replace PPE and does not exempt from protective measures. It can save lives as an additional system.


How to take your own measurements correctly.

Correct measuring is a prerequisite for well-fitting work clothing. For this purpose, the upper arm in particular must be measured correctly to enable reliable identification.

Step 1

Let your non-dominant arm hang down. Relax the upper arm and measure the upper arm circumference of the non-dominant arm at the strongest point (biceps).

Step 2

To select the correct shirt size, please refer to the chart on the right side of the picture.

Step 3

When placing your order, specify your clothing size and the measurement range of your biceps circumference, e.g. L27-34.

ANGEL Genius

The brain of the ANGEL

What is Angel from ADRESYS?