The Bible of Generator Protection Engineering (E-Book, english version)

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The Bible of Generator Protection Engineering (E-Book, english version)

Learn everything you have to know to start as a commissioning engineer. You get all the crucial facts that we need to know and our entire experience about the process of generator protection commissioning on over 200 pages of our e-book reference tool.

What you're going to learn with this book?

The Basics

You learn every essential commissioning detail of electrical generator systems and you will get full access to all protection tests which have to be done. The secrets of commissioning - the Holy Grail - are about to be unveiled!

Current Transformer

Everything you have to know about CT's:
- Burden measuring (CT & secondary burden)
- Polarity & Wiring check
- Insulation test (CT and Circuit)
- Measuring of winding resistance check

Voltage Transformer

VT's, whats to do ?
- Burden measuring (CT & Circuit burden)
- Wiring check star- & open-delta winding
- ration test
- Insulation- & secondary burden test
- Visual check, what's important?

Primary Check

We show you which primary checks are necessary and how you can perform every single step!
- Current- & voltage test
- Ground fault test
- Load- & reverse power test
- Synchronization

Ground Fault Protection

You're going to learn everything about GFP!
- Rotor GF with non-power frequency injection
- Rotor GF with power frequency injection
- 90 % Stator ground fault protection (SGP)
- 100 % SGP, 3rd harmonic
- 100 % SGP, 20-Hz-method


We show you the commissioning secrets for synchronization systems! With our professional way of "test check" really nothing can go wrong.

Test Checklists

Keep track of every single test in this book. Our test checklists will guide you through your commissioning tests. Nothing can slip through your fingers anymore!

Formulas & Facs

The most important formulas & facts, for instance:
- Typical equipment datas for calculations
- Short circuit transmission over transformers
- Table with the most important ANSI-Codes
- Symmetrical components
- Many calculation examples


E-Book with 224 pages and 41 figures, PDF-Format with real book layout / printable, english version