MCDGV4 generator protection relay

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MCDGV4 generator protection relay

The generator differential protection relay MCDGV4 is a high-precision protection for generators of medium and high power classes. Here, the block transformer can be included in the protection zone (block protection). In addition to phase and earth current differential protection, the device offers a wide range of generator-specific protection functions, a complete package for phase, earth current, voltage, frequency and power protection, as well as undervoltage reactive power protection with reclosure enable and an adjustable FRT characteristic with AWE detection for the grid connection point. Up to 6 switching devices can be controlled.

We offer the device in the following configuration: MCDGV4-2A0AIA

- 16 binary inputs, 11 binary outputs, without analog inputs and outputs
- CT connection 1 A and 5 A (selectable)
- Housing type: Built-in
- IEC60870-5-103, Modbus RTU, DNP 3.0 RTU | RS485/terminals, Modbus TCP, DNP3.0 TCP/UDP, IEC60870-5-104 | Ethernet 100 MB/RJ45*
- Normal environmental conditions
- Including a full version of the operating software Smart view for downloading

The following protections are included:

ANSI: 87G, 87GT, 87N (64RE F), 21P, 68, 78, 24, 40, 59TN /27TN , 50, 51, 67, 51V, 51C, 50N, 51N, 67N, 50Ns, 51Ns, 67Ns, 46, 49, 27, 59, 59N, 81U/O, 81R, 78, 47, 32, 55, 60FL, 86, 50BF, 74TC, 25, 37, LVRT , Q->V

New with release 3.4 and also included: phase distance protection (as backup protection) with surge guard and load blanking, out-of-step protection (pole slip protection).

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(*) Only one communication protocol can be used in each communication option.