WIP1 overcurrent protection (CT supplied)

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WIP1 overcurrent protection (CT supplied)

The WIP1 is a CT-fed overcurrent relay with earth current monitoring, i.e. no auxiliary voltage is required. The power supply and current monitoring are provided by 1 A CT's.

Since the WIP1 does not require an auxiliary power source, the protection device is suitable for use in independent transmission and distribution systems, local networks and load switching systems (ring main units).

We offer the device in the following configurations: WIP11I1E1:

- No auxiliary voltage required (transformer supplied)
- For connection to 1 A current transformers
- Two-stage overcurrent and short-circuit relay
- Selectable between UMZ (independent overcurrent protection) and AMZ (dependent overcurrent protection)
- AMZ characteristics according to IEC 244-4: Normal Inverse (Type A), Very Inverse (Type B), Extremely Inverse (Type C)
- Earth fault protection with two protection levels (IE>, IE>>)
- RS485 operator interface
- Internal self-monitoring (watchdog)
- Complies with the requirements of VDE0435-303 IEC255, VDE 843
- Includes a full version of the Smart view operating software for downloading

The following protection functions are included in the scope of delivery:

ANSI: 50, 51

For different configurations please contact us via e-mail: info@schutztechnik.com

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