MRI4 feeder protection

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MRI4 feeder protection

The MRI4 is a highly accurate and reliable protection device with the latest dual-core processor technology and simplest operation.

The MRI4 has multiple three-phase trip stages for overcurrent, short-circuit and ground fault protection with dependent (AMZ) and independent (UMZ) trip characteristics. The MRI4 is equally suitable for isolated, compensated, resistive or rigidly grounded networks. It is used in radial networks or open ring systems with single-ended feed. It also serves as backup protection in differential protection applications for generators, transformers, busbars and lines. For overhead lines, automatic reclosure is available as an option.

The protection functions of the MRI4 have been enhanced to meet the requirements of VDE-AR-N-4110/4120:2018.

We offer the device in the following configurations: MRI4-2A0AAA:

- 8 binary inputs, 6 binary outputs
- CT connection 1 A and 5 A (selectable)
- Housing type: built-in
- Without communication interface
- Normal environmental conditions
- Including a full version of the operating software Smart view for download.

The following protection functions are included in the scope of delivery:

ANSI: 50, 51, 50N, 51N, 46, 49, 60L, 79, 86, 50BF, 74TC

Available menu languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, French, Romanian

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