XI1E ground fault protection

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XI1E ground fault protection

The XI1E of the PROFESSIONAL LINE from SEG electronics (formerly WOODWARD) is a universal earth fault protection for electrical machines, lines and networks with isolated or compensated neutral point. It is mainly used in radial networks. The XI1E is also frequently used as backup protection at the central earthing point of the network. It then detects all earth faults of the network system.

The XI1ER device variant with current direction detection is a selective earth fault protection and is generally used in ring mains, in networks with parallel lines and in complex mesh networks (variant available on request).

The XI1E meets all requirements of IEC 60255-1.

We offer the device in the following configurations: XI1E1 and XI1E5:

XI1E1: For connection to standardized 1 A CT's
For connection to standardized 5 A CT's.

Setting ranges:
- IE> 0 ... 0.3 x In (min. limit 0.001 x In)
- IE>> 0 ... 1.5 x In (min. limit 0.001 x In)
- tIE> 0 ... 1 s / 0 ... 10 s / 0 ... 100 s
- tIE>> 0 ... 1,25 s

- Rated auxiliary voltage 19 ... 390 V DC or 36 ... 275 V AC (f = 40 ... 70 Hz)
- Power consumption approx. 4 W (terminals A1, A2)
- Quick mounting on DIN rail
- Front sealable
- Integrated self-test via pushbutton
- Meets the requirements of IEC 60255-1
- DIP switch for 50 Hz / 60 Hz changeover
- Includes a full version of the Smart view operating software for downloading

The following protection functions are included in the scope of delivery:

ANSI: 50Ns, 51Ns

For different configurations please contact us via e-mail: info@schutztechnik.com

Delivery time: in stock within 3-4 working days, otherwise 25 working days.

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