WI1SZ5 mechanical trip indicator

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WI1SZ5 mechanical trip indicator

The WI1SZ5 is a mechanical trip indicator for connection to SEG/Woodward protection devices (WIB1, WIC1 and WIP1). The WI1SZ5 has two bistable output relays.

We offer the device in the following configurations: WI1SZ4:

- Coil 24 V DC ± 10 %
- Contact rating 230 V AC / 3 A, 230 V DC / 0.12 A, 115 V DC / 0.2 A, 24 V DC / 2A
- Indicator with two potential-free contacts
- electrically settable and resettable
- mechanically resettable
- 1 m long connection cable

For different configurations please contact us via e-mail: info@schutztechnik.com

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